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Many people don’t think of getting a new building insurance quote when their renewal date comes round or if they do think of it, they dismiss the idea thinking that it will be too much trouble to make the change. This might be the case if their intention is to do the comparing themselves of the new quotes against their old premium, because it is very difficult to be sure that they are comparing like with like.

If you are one of those people, why not try filling in out quote form or, if you prefer, giving us a ring. We know the building insurance business inside out and we will approach insurers from our lists who we think will be able to give you the best deal and won’t stop looking until we find the best there is. When you have a building insurance quote from us, we can discuss with you the details of your previous policy, to make sure that you are still getting everything you want in the cover. It is extraordinary how many of our clients discover that they have been paying for years to have things included in their cover that they neither want nor need, and by excluding these the premium can come tumbling down.

Building Insurance Quotes From The Experts

If you have not claimed in a long time, you might want to consider, when getting your building insurance quote from us, to increase your excess. If you have proved to be a low risk for damage or any other part of your policy, it might pay you to take advantage of this and see what difference it makes to your premium. You might find that it means that after a couple of years claim free you will be in pocket even if in the third year you have to make a claim – and if you don’t, then you are certainly better off.

Award Winning Building Insurance

We are experts in building insurance – we don’t quote for any other kind – and so when you come to us looking for a building insurance quote you know that you really are working with the best. We have won prizes to prove it – – we were highly commended in the “best independent broker category” in the 2011 Insurance Times Awards and one of our brokers, Jon Newall, was Commercial Insurance Individual  in the 2012 Claims Excellence Awards – but don’t just go by that. Apply to us for a building insurance quote and prepare to be amazed. The only thing we ask is; don’t be too annoyed when you work out how much too much you have been paying all those years!

We have been in business now for over three generations and we have seen pretty much everything the insurance business can throw. Floods have caused a lot of companies some financial difficulties, but as we only deal with the most reputable of UK firms, you don’t have to worry about the cover on your home or business. When we get you your building insurance quote, its low cost may make you wonder whether we have gone offshore to get it, but this will never be the case – guaranteed. Another thing we guarantee as well and that is that we don’t reel you in with the promise of a low building insurance quote for this year only to let it rise ridiculously high next. We treat every renewal as seriously as new business, so you will never pay more than you need.

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