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Insurance for Buildings

Building Insurance Made Simple!

When you stop and think about it, insurance for buildings can be quite a complex area. Although all buildings in a street may look alike, they are probably as different as chalk and cheese when you really start comparing them. In a single street, you might find a property that has had extensive work done to it next door to one which has been untouched for years. Then there is probably one with an extra room in the loft, an extra toilet under the stairs, the one with an extension on the back or a green make-over using heat pump and grey water system. What about solar panels? What do they do to the value and more importantly the safety or rebuild value of a property? Suddenly, insurance for buildings is not as simple as it first might appear.

Let Us Compare Building Insurance For You!

Rather than flounder around on a comparison site which is not specifically designed for people looking for insurance for buildings but more generally for anyone looking for insurance or even credit card deals and loans, it makes much more sense to go to an expert broker and the fact that you are reading this and have visited our website shows that you have thought of that already! And you really have come to the right place. Not only are we prize winners – we were highly commended in the “best independent broker category” in the 2011 Insurance Times Awards and one of our brokers, Jon Newall, was Commercial Insurance Individual  in the 2012 Claims Excellence Awards – we also pride ourselves in being some of the most highly experienced experts in the field of insurance for buildings.

Cheap Building Insurance Quotes

The very simple quote request form on this site will start you off on the road to getting one of the best prices for insurance for your building that you are likely to find anywhere. We don’t rely on gimmicks like buy ten months get twelve covered or any of that malarkey – we simply get you the best premium quote from the best companies we can find and the premium will be the best year on year, or we will help you move your insurance needs elsewhere. It is as simple as that and you will know as well that you are being covered by the very best in UK insurers, not a fly by night company registered somewhere offshore.

You may be looking for insurance as a landlord, a tenant or for a commercial building. Have a wander around the website and you will certainly be able to find what you need. Rather than diversify throughout the insurance industry, we decided some years ago to specialise in all aspects of building insurance and that has certainly paid off for our clients. There is probably nothing we have not seen before and so we will be able to help you get insurance for your building no matter how unusual it may be – whether you live in a windmill or a studio flat, if you are looking for building insurance you have definitely come to the right place.

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