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When you first decide to become a landlord you will immediately discover that there are whole rafts of nightmare legislation with which you are compelled to comply. Most of this is for the health and safety of your tenants and is only right and proper, but much of it is about the financial responsibilities you have towards them, should anything happen in the property which causes them out of pocket expenses. Apart from this, of course, you will want to cover your property so that it can be rebuilt or repaired, just as any owner would want to do. And the third thing that you must consider is coverage against any damage that your tenants might cause which you can’t get recompense for. For all of these eventualities, you need specialist landlord building insurance.

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Many people are dipping a toe into the buy to let pond these days. As houses become more difficult to sell, lots of people who would a year or two ago have sold their house when they need to move are now keeping it and waiting for better prices, letting it in the interim. Landlord building insurance can be a minefield for such landlords, who have no knowledge of the business of letting and who just want to make sure that they are adequately covered and also within the law. Coming to an expert firm like ours is the best way to make sure you have the right kind of cover and because, after all, you are hoping to make money out of the venture, you also need that cover to be at the right price.

We really are the very best stop for anyone seeking landlord building insurance; with over three generations of expertise, we know all the tricks of the trade and will get you the right premium at the best price. Things like landlord building insurance are not easy to arrange yourself. There are so many variables – is it student accommodation; will it be standing empty for long periods; is it furnished or unfurnished; is it residential, retail or commercial? These questions are only the very tip of the iceberg and we are here to help you through the process. Just fill in the quote form, or if you would rather, give us a ring. All of our staff are fully trained and able to help you as we – rather unusually – only work as brokers within the building insurance industry. This means we really do know our marketplace and can identify the best deals for you with the minimum of delay.

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As independent brokers we can give you a totally personal service, but in case you worry that this will mean higher prices, we can assure you this is not the case. Because we are independent members of a huge network, we still have access to special deals which you might expect to only be in the remit of the large companies. We are also proud that are special deals are only special because they are so low; we don’t quote low in your first year and then suddenly hike the premiums in year two. We make sure that whenever your premium is up for renewal, we will look all over again for the best deal for you; now that’s service.

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