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Vacant Building Insurance

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It is very important if you have a building, more likely to be a commercial property than purely residential, that is likely to be vacant for any length of time, that you have the appropriate insurance in place. Most building insurance policies do allow for a certain number of days per year for the building to be vacant, but this is usually relatively few, being meant for holidays and similar breaks.

When you fill in your quote form on this website, make sure that you make it clear that you are looking for vacant building insurance, so that our expert brokers can approach insurers whom they know specialise in this kind of policy. We will also need to know whether you intend to leave your property vacant for a long time, possibly until renewal, or whether you are actively looking for a tenant. This will make a difference, as we will look for different policies if you are likely to be changing to a simple commercial building insurance in the near future.

Vacant Building Insurance Specialists

It is easy to see from the detail we need that vacant building insurance is not the kind of thing you are likely to be able to arrange using an online comparison site. This kind of niche building insurance is just the kind of thing we love to handle – something a little challenging and out of the ordinary where we can bring our three generations of property insurance expertise to bear. We are a totally independent firm of brokers, but because we are part of a larger network, we have the buying power to give us access to all the best deals and when we are looking for policies to cover less common situations, this is where this kind of arrangement scores. We can give you totally individual attention whilst still being able to trawl the whole market for the cheapest vacant building insurance that is out there.

Fast Vacant Building Insurance Quotes

When we have identified a tranche of insurers who can give you vacant building insurance at a competitive rate, we will contact you and make sure that we have all of our information correct. We will also make sure that there is nothing we have missed – for example, if you have a sophisticated alarm system, a caretaker, a security patrol or any similar security measures it will have a lot of impact on your premium and we are after all in the business of making sure that you have the very best deal there is.

We are very proud of our reputation as a professional and caring firm of insurance brokers and one of our proudest boasts is that we don’t leave you after your first year with a less than perfect deal. Many brokers simply leave their clients to run with their insurer after the first year without checking that the deal is still the very best in the marketplace. Whether you still need vacant building insurance or you have found a tenant for your property, we will still put just the same enthusiasm into getting you the best price as we did when you pressed ‘send’ and we first received your quote form.

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