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Building Insurance for Flats

Building Insurance for Blocks of Flats

If you live in a flat – perhaps having downsized from a house or moved for the first time into your own accommodation – you will find that building insurance for flats is not quite the same as that for houses. Even a terraced house does not have the same kind of likelihood of passing on damage to the neighbours as a flat – a flood in a terrace, for example, is unlikely to affect next door. Now imagine a bath overflowing in a top floor flat in the three storey block; water runs downhill as we all know and if no one is in when the leak starts, you can end up with water damage in quite literally every room from top to bottom.

Building insurance for flats is not difficult to get, it is just a matter of giving a little more thought to the degree of cover you need. Rather in the same way as when you insure a cheap car, the insurance tends to not be much less than an expensive one, the premium is reflecting your responsibility to other people as much as rebuilding or refurbishing your own damaged property. If you would like to know what kind of premiums you might have to expect to pay to get building insurance for your flat, just fill in the simple quote form on this website and one of our very experienced staff will look through all the insurers we have access to and then will get back to you with some options. If you prefer, you could call us instead – you will get the same prompt, professional and personal service however you choose to get in touch.

Where we differ from many other brokers and certainly from comparison sites is that we are real experts in our field. We specialise in property insurance and we don’t spread our expertise over all the other branches of insurance – we are not jacks of all trades, we are masters of one! We know the building insurance business inside out and although we are an independent broker we have access to all the cheapest insurance deals because we are a member of a network, giving us the purchasing power that comes with it. This way you really do get the best of both worlds – personal service from a company that has expertise stretching back three generations, but with the prices usually only available to the biggest firms.

We will need to know a few things about you and your property before we can give you a quote for building insurance for your flat. A lot will depend on what kind of block it is; is it a conversion, for example, or a purpose built block? This will have a lot of impact on the premium as most purpose built blocks have better fire retardation measures than a conversion, even if the conversion is totally covered by building regulations. There are also issues like whether you have your own door or if there is a communal entrance – this has a large impact on the premium from the security angle; if thieves can get into the building by guile, this makes you more susceptible to being burgled.

But you don’t have to worry about all these things when you go looking for building insurance for flats. We know all the little clauses that tend to make insurance for buildings which are slightly off the normal run of things and so we can ease the way for you. As prize winners two years running of prestigious awards within the insurance industry, you will know that when you put your business in our hands, you will get the proper cover for you, at the proper – that is, the cheapest – price there is. And in case you were wondering how our prices are so low – it is buying power and knowledge, definitely not because we use companies that are not fully regulated. All of our insurers are reputable and based in the UK.

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