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Building Insurance For Landlords

Cheap Building Insurance For Landlords

Building insurance for landlords can eat into the profits from any rental income to an inordinate amount and whether you are letting out properties as a business venture or are just renting your empty property out for a while to help with cashflow, it pays you to shop around to get the very best deal that you can.

As experts in the building insurance business, we know that building insurance for landlords can be a total minefield for the unwary. Because a landlord is looking to insure so many aspects of their business or rented out home, there are many different levels of insurance to look at. If you are renting out to students it has to be said that the risk of damage being done by your tenants is very high, or at least, much higher than the risk if you are letting to a professional single. All landlords will have stories proving the opposite, but actuarially this is generally the case. Therefore, the type of tenant you have will have a large impact on your premium.

Compare Landlord Building Insurance

As well as taking out business insurance for landlords to protect against tenant damage and also any claims the tenant might have against you, you will need to protect your building – whether residential or commercial – in the usual way as if you were occupying it yourself. Then again, you have to take into account any periods when the building does not have tenants in it. Will this period of unoccupancy affect the policy you have in place?

Award Winning Landlord Insurance

Because we have been dealing with property insurance for so many years, we have all the answers. When you fill in the quote form on this website, you will start the ball rolling towards getting the very best quote available for building insurance for landlords with no commitment on your part. We know the insurers who offer the best terms to landlords with your own particular criteria and we will approach them first. This will almost certainly result in a quote lower than your current one, but if not we will try some more or possibly looking at your policy needs as you have given them to us and make sure you are not asking for cover that might not be necessary. It sometimes takes an expert to tell.

Because we are independent brokers, some people wonder how we can get such low premiums without resorting to offshore firms with less than perfect pedigrees. The answer to this, of course, is that we are part of a network of independent brokers who, working together, have the buying power of a much larger company. We guarantee that we only deal with the very best UK based insurers to get your building insurance for landlords quote, so you won’t have to worry that you will suddenly be up the creek without a paddle if disaster should strike. Apart from anything else, we check the small print for you – always a worry for anyone going it alone in getting a quote – so that there won’t be any surprises. There are many scare stories going around about insurance companies refusing to pay out on spurious grounds – we are proud to say that this won’t happen on our watch! We work for you, not the insurer, so we make sure your cover is adequate and appropriate.

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