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Building insurance is the most important insurance product you can buy, because it protects your largest investment – your home or your business. There are many different needs which vary widely from client to client and we like to feel that we treat everyone who fills in one of our quote forms or gives us a call as an individual. We also don’t offer ‘new business’ incentive rates, only to have them rise sharply the next year. When we get you the lowest quote around, we will do the same amount of legwork to find you the best quote on renewal, too.

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When you need to take out building insurance – perhaps you have just moved or have become dissatisfied with your previous provider – you will want to know that you are getting the best deal as well as the best cover. Although we are an independent brokerage firm, we are a member of a broker network, so we have access to the many special deals which are only open to firms with huge buying power. That gives you the customer the very best of both worlds; a firm with old fashioned values (we have been trading for three generations) but huge clout in the market place.

If you visit some of the online comparison sites you will immediately see that they cover a huge range of different products, from credit card deals to loans to car insurance to health insurance. They don’t claim to be experts in any field, but we do; we specialise in building insurance of all kinds and know this area of the business absolutely inside out. Getting insurance for your home is not always straightforward and answering generic questions on a comparison site is unlikely to get you the kind of bespoke quotations that we can provide.

Fast Building Insurance

Our quote form on this website is very simple to fill in. It gives us all the basic information that we need to search our database of UK insurers to whittle down the numbers to the best few. Then we will contact you for any more precise information that we might need, enabling us to offer you what we consider is the best building insurance policy for your personal needs. If you would prefer, you can give us a ring – our friendly staff will be able to talk you through your options and make sure that you have the right insurance for you.

You might feel that your particular property is too unusual to get insurance easily – perhaps it is an older property or you have the kind of lifestyle that leaves it empty a lot. Landlords, especially those dipping a toe into the buy to let market, often worry about getting building insurance specifically for their business, but it is a simple matter when you come to the experts. In the residential area, there are lots of areas where insurance is not straightforward, for example insuring a flat involves some very special areas in the policy, mainly because of the extra responsibility to others in the block, but because of our volume of business, we are experts in all areas of the property insurance business and we will be able to identify your needs and get you a quote very quickly.

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