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Advertisements on the television these days seem to be concentrating on getting the whole country to compare building insurance. In every break there seems to be an ad of some sort, encouraging everyone to compare prices for this and that. Most comparison websites are very wide-ranging, with everything from supermarket prices to credit card deals to every kind of insurance being covered. Prices for phones, power, water and all kinds of other utilities are usually thrown in for good measure. The problems come when you begin to compare building insurance in this way. It is next to impossible to know whether you are comparing like with like. Some of the premiums seem very low, but when you look into it, it is easy to see why – with inflated excesses and many common risks excluded, it is no wonder they can pitch it low.

Building Insurance Comparison

When you fill in the quote request form on this website, that is all you have to do in the way of comparing building insurance prices. Our expert staff will look at your requirements and then will trawl our tried and tested insurers – guaranteed to all be UK based and utterly reliable – and will come up with what they think are the best policies for you. Then you can discuss them for as long as you like until you and our broker is sure that you have the best one. Then – and here comes the best bit – when your insurance is due for renewal, we don’t just rest on our laurels and leave you with that insurer, we compare building insurance prices for you all over again, to make sure that your current insurer is still the best for you. This is an excellent service which only too few insurance brokers provide.

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This attention to detail and care for the client has made us what we are today – one of the most respected brokerage companies in the country. We have even won prizes to prove it – – we were highly commended in the “best independent broker category” in the 2011 Insurance Times Awards and one of our brokers, Jon Newall, won Commercial Insurance Individual  in the 2012 Claims Excellence Awards – and though we are a modest lot, we can’t help mentioning it now and again!

We compare building insurance so you don’t have to – it sounds a cliché but it is exactly the service we provide. Because we work for you the client and not the insurance company, we always have your best interests at heart. We won’t leave you with the wrong company just because we do a lot of business with them, we will always make sure that they are providing the cover you need at the right price. Sometimes your needs might change during the run of a policy – all you need to do if this is the case is give us a ring and we will make any changes that are necessary. One thing that quite commonly happens is that a commercial building falls vacant for a while. An unoccupied building has special needs and we will make sure that you are covered for this; always tell us if things change and we will be able to use our three generations of expertise to make sure that your policy stays valid.

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