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Anyone looking for home building insurance these days is very much guided towards using an online comparison site whenever they sit down to watch commercial television – there is hardly an ad break that doesn’t include at least one, using all kinds of techniques to make them memorable. Online as well, ads are everywhere and it is so easy to click on one and get sucked into the process, ending up very possibly with a quote that is both more expensive than it need be and also possibly inappropriate.

Although home building insurance is easier to arrange than many other types of cover that a person might need – health, travel, life etc – there are still many variables and it pays to go to an expert broker. We only deal in property insurance and with three generations of dedicated experience, we can guide you to the policy that will suit you the best. It is so easy to get beguiled into taking out extras when all you need do is tick a box; we have an easy quote form to fill in but that is just the start. Once you click ‘send’ one of our experienced brokers will look at your details and make a shortlist of insurers which would suit you. After that, it is all the personal approach and we will make sure that you get the cover you need, no more and no less and for the right price.

Home Building Insurance Made Simple

Home building insurance sounds very simple – you have a home, you want to cover it against damage and things like flood and subsidence. So far, so simple. But if you live on a flood plain that has a lot of history of flooding, you may have difficulty getting insurance when the guaranteed affordable premium agreement which the insurance industry signed up to runs out, which it is due to do shortly. You will need to discuss this with a broker – you will be balancing premiums against excesses and you will also need expert guidance from someone inside the industry who will know how to find out exactly how any flood defence systems installed locally will affect your address. You may also find that you will be paying for flood cover even if you live on the top of a hill – using a broker will make sure you only pay for what you need.

When you come to us we can guarantee that the best price we get you as a new client will keep on going, year on year. Your insurer may change if they can no longer get you the best deal, but we will make sure that you have unbroken cover and that you always have the cheapest premium. We don’t believe in getting people cheap introductory offers for their home building insurance and then see the price go through the roof. We have not been in business three generations by not looking after our clients for years to come.

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When you stop and think how many different kinds of insurance there is in the market, it makes sense to stick with a broker who specialises in just one. Within the property insurance market there are many divisions, such as industrial, unoccupied buildings, commercial and landlords, to name but a few. If you need to talk about any other needs you have over and above home building insurance, just let us know when you call or fill in the form and we would be delighted to help you.

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