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Listed Building Insurance

Insurance For Listed Buildings

If you live in a listed building you may find it difficult to get insurance ‘off the peg’ as there are so many variables to bear in mind. Grade I listed buildings are more likely than Grade II to be built of unusual materials, such as wattle and daub and may also be under thatch rather than tile or slate. If they are not country cottages, they tend to be larger properties, manor houses for example, or houses in famous locations, such as the Nash houses in Bath. Listed building insurance takes into account the fact that any repairs to these buildings will inevitably be much more costly than to a non listed building, because not only will specialist materials have to be used but also specially trained craftsmen. Also, there will be constraints on whether the repair can change the overall structure, meaning that sometimes it will be uneconomic.

Listed Building Insurance Broker

In the three generations that we have been brokering listed building insurance, along with other property insurance needs, we have become experts on the special requirements of those lucky enough to live in listed buildings. Many of the risks that other homes are prey to are not such a worry to the owner of the older listed building, as any subsidence probably happened a hundred years or so ago and the fact that the home is still standing is testimony to the fact that it is not too prone to floods. This still needs checking, though, with changes in flooding patterns in recent years.

The quote form on this website will give us the basic information we need to start looking for the cheapest listed building insurance cover we can get for you. We are independent brokers, but belong to a large network, so have the buying power that you might expect to find in a bigger national firm. Because we are true specialists, dealing only in building insurance, we have seen most situations over the years and can quickly identify the best insurers for your specific requirements. Sometimes, specialities coincide – if your listed building is used as a holiday home, you might need to consider the impact of your absence from it for long periods. We have a lot of experience in covering unoccupied buildings so will have no problem in sorting out the right policy for you.

Save money on your listed building insurance

Once we have got you your cheapest quote for your listed building insurance, we won’t just sit back and forget you. When your renewal comes round, we will make sure that we trawl through all the options again, to make sure that your premium is still the lowest around. We are careful to only use UK insurers – this way we can guarantee their probity and the chances are that you will stay happily insured with the best firm for you for years; the people we use are not fly-by-night firms who will not be around in twelve months’ time.

To get expert help on getting the right listed building insurance, fill in the quote form or, if you prefer to discuss your needs with someone from the outset, give us a call. If you fill in the form we will be in touch by phone to make sure we have all your details correctly – sometimes just one more piece of information can make all the difference to the cost of a policy and a chat is often the way to find it out.

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