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Unoccupied Building Insurance

Unoccupied Buildings Insurance

Many people don’t realise when they take out building insurance that they are not fully covered if the premises is left unoccupied for longer than a certain specified length of time. When we help you to find the right policy for your building we always make sure that you are aware of any small clauses like this, so you don’t accidentally void the insurance. The need for unoccupied building insurance is usually in the context of commercial premises, but is also likely in the case of rented residential properties if a landlord is unable to find a tenant.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Most unoccupied building insurance leads on from a policy for the building as a whole, when it becomes vacant, but it is perfectly possible to take out such a policy from the very start. If you fill in the quote form, you can let us know that this is the kind of policy you are looking for and we will search for an appropriate insurer. Unless a property is being deliberately left unoccupied for financial reasons, you may need to change the type of policy later and we will bear that in mind when we search for potential insurers, so we will need details as to the property and its use when it is occupied, so that we can hopefully stay with the same company.

Unoccupied Building Insurance Experts

Our team of brokers are experts in building insurance for a very good reason – property is our speciality and we don’t do other types of insurance. Our staff are all experts in finding the right insurance policy for you and because we have been in business for three generations, you know that you have a solid and professional backing for all your building insurance needs. Comparison sites can only go so far towards meeting the needs of anyone who wants something a little out of the ordinary and unoccupied building insurance is unlikely to be an option offered in the ‘tick box’ type of information they collect.

As experts, we know that there will often be times in a commercial property’s existence when it will not have a tenant or anyone using it. There will be a short unoccupied building insurance window in any good policy, but we will be able to check for you whether this is enough or whether you will need a specific policy to cover it. Our award winning brokers – we won Best Independent Broker in 2011 and one of our staff won Best Individual in 2012, awarded by insurance industry publishers – will ensure that you get the insurance you need. You might find that the unoccupied clause in an existing policy will be enough and then you can find you can make a saving.

It is worth discussing the situation in depth with one of our brokers on the phone. When taking out unoccupied building insurance you might find you can reduce the premium if you have caretakers checking it out at regular intervals, surveys to make sure there is no damage happening from water ingress or other natural hazard, or even something as simple as an alarm system in place. In any of these cases, you would need to work out whether any or all of these would be financially viable and that is just what we are here to help with – so fill in the form or give us a call for a really competitive quote.

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